Canticle of Zechariah: Luke 1:68-79

May you be praised, O Lord God of Israel.
You have visited your people with deliverance,
and have raised for us a horn of salvation
in the house of David, your servant.

As you promised throughout past ages,
in the words of your holy prophets:
deliverance from our enemies,
and from the control of our oppressors.

You have shown your kindness to your people,
remembering always your holy covenant.
The oath sworn to Abraham forever,
You have renewed for us.

So that, freed from the clutches of our foes,
we may serve you without fear,
becoming holy and just in your sight,
the rest of our days.

And you, child, called ‘prophet of the Most High’,
will go before the Lord to prepare the way,
bringing knowledge of salvation to God’s people
through remission of their sins.

For the love of our compassionate God,
as the Orient on high has shown upon us
to illumine the darkness and dispel the shadow of death,
to direct our steps along peaceful ways.

Glory to the Father and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit,
as always abefore,
so now and evermore. Amen.