Lauds: Wednesday, wk 2

During Lent, this O.T.Canticle, based on Jeremiah 31:1-7,
replaces the one for ordinary time

Of the families of Israel I will be God,
and they will be my people.
The people who survived the sword,
found grace in the wilderness.

When Israel sought for rest,
God appeared from far away.
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
so I have kept my mercy toward you.

Once again I will restore you,
and you will be rebuilt, O Israel.
Again you will take your tambourines,
and go forth with joy and with dancing.

Again you will plant your vineyards,
and you will enjoy the fruit.
For there will be a day when they call:
Let us go up to Zion to our God.

Sing aloud with gladness for Jacob;
proclaim, give praise and shout:
God brings salvation to the people,
to the remnant of Israel.

Psalm 97  (Earth rejoices in God’s reign)

God reigns! Let the earth rejoice!
Let the many islands be glad!
Cloud and darkness surround the Holy One,
whose throne is based on justice and truth.

Fire goes before the Most High,
and consumes the enemies round about.
Lightnings light up the world;
the earth sees it and trembles with fear.

The hills melt away like wax.
before the Most High who rules the earth.
The heavens proclaim God’s justice;
all peoples see the glory of the Holy One.

All who worship false idols are ashamed,
those who boast of their worthless gods.
All gods bow before the Most High.
Zion hears and is filled with joy.

The cities of Judah rejoice,
because of your judgments, O God,
For you are Most High above the earth,
exalted far above all other gods.

You love all those who hate evil,
and protect the lives of the faithful;
you save them from the hands of the wicked.

Light dawns for those who are just,
and joy for the upright of heart.
Rejoice in the Most High, you just,
and praise God’s holy Name.

Psalm 36  (Human malice; Divine goodness)

The voice of rebellion is heard
in the hearts of the wicked.
There is no fear of God
before their eyes.

They flatter themselves to believe
that their sin will not be made known.
With words full of evil and deceit,
they no longer consider doing good.

They plot the defeat of goodness
as they lie awake at night.
They are set in ways that are evil,
and do not reject what is wrong.

O God, your love reaches to heaven,
your faithfulness to the sky.
Your generosity is like the high mountains,
and your care is like the great deep.

You provide for human beings and animals;
how precious is your unfailing love!
O God, all the children of earth
find refuge in the shadow of your wings.

They feast on the rich fare of your house;
from the stream of your abundance they drink.
With you is the fountain of life,
and by your light we see light.

Show your steadfast love to all who know you,
and your favor to the upright of heart.
Let the foot of the proud not crush me,
nor the hand of the wicked drive me away.

See how the evildoers have fallen;
thrust down they are unable to rise.

O.T.Canticle, based on Ezekiel 36:21-28,36

For the sake of my holy name I have relented.
Therefore say to the house of Israel:
Not for your sakes do I act,
but for the sake of my holy name.

I will prove the holiness of my name,
among the nations where you have profaned it.
Thus the nations shall know that I am God,
when to them I prove my holiness through you.

I will take you away from among the nations
and I will bring you back to your own land.
I will sprinkle clean water upon you,
and from all your idols I will cleanse you.

A new heart I will give you,
and a new spirit place within you,
taking away your hearts of stone,
and giving you hearts of flesh instead.

I will put my spirit within you,
and make you live by my decrees.
You will live in the land I gave your ancestors;
you shall be my people and I will be your God.

then all the nations round about shall know
that I, your God, have rebuilt ruined places,
and have replanted land that has been barren.
I am your God, I promised; I will do it.

Psalm 101  (The ideal ruler)

I will sing of mercy and justice,
sing praise to you, O God.
I will follow the way that is blameless.
When will you come to me?

I will walk with purity of heart
within my house;
I will set no worthless thing
before my eyes.

Those who do evil deeds
shall not be my companions.
A false heart will be far from me;
I will have no part with evil.

One who slanders a friend in secret,
I will cut off with silence.
I cannot endure haughty looks,
or hearts that are proud.

Those in the land who are faithful,
I will have at my side.
Those who live without blame
shall be my companions.

No one whose ways are deceitful,
shall live in my house.
No one who speaks without truth
shall remain in my presence.

Each morning I will silence
all the wicked in the land,
to remove all evildoing
from the dwelling place of God.

Psalms Trans. ©Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, 2008